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Engineering Training Institute Australia’s Speakers

We have a very talented and highly qualified array of speakers presenting courses for our company. They include academics and engineers working within the industry.

Paul Uno BE(Syd) MBdgSc(Syd) MIE(Aust) CPEng NER RPEQ APEC Engineer IntPE(Aus)
Paul Davis BE (Civil) MIEAust CPEng NPER
Amir Esmaeili FIEAust CPEng NER APEC IntPE (Aus) RPEQ
Ross Finnie Cert IV – OHS, Training & Assessment Licensed Builder
Farshad Rezvani BEng MEng PhD RPEQ NER MIEAust
John Holmes BSc(Eng) PhD MIE(Aust)
Ian Hymas BE (Hons) MEngSc
Prof. John Wilson  PhD MSc BE
Riadh Al-Mahaidi PhD MS(Str) BE Civil(Hons)
Robin Kalfat PhD(Str) BE Civil(Hons)
Stuart Reid BE(Hons) ME PhDE
Clayton Thomas  PhD MMet BSc(Eng) ARSM MICorr
Sasan Saidian MPhil CPEng MIE (Aust) NER APEC Engineer IntPE(Aus)
  Ken Sutherland BTech MIE (Aust) CPEng RPEQ
Graeme Wood BEng PhD (UK) MIEAust
Geoff Senior Cert Ag Cert Eng BEd  MBA
Christophe Gerber BE(Struct)(Timber) PhD(UTS)
Untitled Peter Towson BE (UNSW) MEngSc (UNSW) MIEAust CPEng LLM (Syd) SJD (UTS) PhD (Syd)